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This page is provided by Sorcity.com for suppliers interested in bidding on 

AAFES Reverse-Auction solicitations.  Suppliers are encouraged to prepare

for these events in advance by reading the information here and

following the steps to become an approved supplier.



AAFES has recently introduced the concept of Reverse Auctions as another procurement tool available to their buyers and contracting officers. To participate in an AAFES Reverse Auction event your firm must be registered with the AAFES buyer or contracting officer, as well as with Sorcity.com.


The Benefits:

 There are some differences and benefits to understand with Reverse-Auction bidding.  Once registered with Sorcity, suppliers:

  1. May bid multiple times if desired
  2. Can see all bids but not who placed them
  3. Gain access to many other opportunities
  4. Pay nothing for membership or participation
  5. Do not pay the typical Sorcity award fee on AAFES events
  6. Have no software to install or learn - itís all done online

The Process:

It is important that suppliers follow the process outlined here in order to be considered responsive to AAFES solicitations. They include:

 Prior to Bidding, All Participants Must:

  1. Review the online event in full, including any attachments, links, drawings, clarifying questions & answers, or addendums, to determine if you meet ALL the terms and conditions stated.
  2. Register with Sorcity only after you have read in full and agreed to the Sorcity Membership Agreement (Note: AAFES has contracted with Sorcity, so you can disregard references to fees for AAFES events).
  3. Print the AAFES Source List Application from the AAFES website if you are a new supplier and e-mail to the buyer.
  4. Send the Buyer an email (address listed in Reverse-Auction) confirming you are able to meet the terms and conditions stated in the solicitation.
  5. Be available for a brief call with Sorcity if some preliminary market feedback is needed. 
  6. Ask questions online using the [Question] button at the top of each Reverse-Auction for any clarification or exceptions needed to bid.

 During the Bidding, All Bidders Must:

  1. Place at least one bid online once you have read all solicitation information, are approved by AAFES, have registered with Sorcity and determine you can meet all stated terms and conditions.
  2. If a Line Item Worksheet is included, download it from the Reverse-Auction, save it to your computer, and enter per unit prices to calculate the Total Bid.  Repeated this process for all subsequent bids.
  3. Monitor the bidding if you think you may want to enter a lower bid if you are out-bid.

 Following the Bidding, All Bidders Must:

  1. Within 1-hour of the Reverse-Auction ending, send the completed Excel worksheet to Question about AAFES if one is provided in the event.
  2. Wait for the Buyer to contact you to address any final qualification or clarification questions.
  3. If you are awarded the contract, you will receive an email instructing you to press [Confirm] in your Sorcity online account which should be completed promptly to confirm you accept the award.

Important Notes:

  1. No bids will be accepted outside of a Reverse-Auction. Bidding in any other manner will disqualify you for the respective opportunity.
  2. Understand ALL the terms and conditions prior to placing a bid.  A supplier who bids outside the specifications may be fined by Sorcity.
  3. Read and agree to the Sorcity Membership Agreement in full prior to completing the online membership form.
  4. AAFES has contracted with Sorcity to pay for the Reverse-Auction service, so suppliers can disregard references to award fees as it relates to AAFES events.
  5. Contact Sorcity Support at Question about AAFES or 972-612-0003 for any clarification needed on the online bid process.

Key Dates: 

There will be several Key Dates to make note of for each solicitation.  Suppliers are responsible for responding by those dates if they are to be considered responsive.  They can include: 

  • Date - Supplier Pre Bid Conference
  • Date - Initial notification & registration of suppliers
  • Date - New suppliers fax Source List Application to AAFES
  • Date - Interested suppliers must be registered with Sorcity
  • Date - Bid invites sent to qualified & registered suppliers
  • Date - Reply confirming you can meet all solicitation terms
  • Date - Shipment costing must be submitted
  • Date - Interview call with Sorcity 
  • Date - Have any questions entered online
  • Date - Reverse Auction ends
  • Date - Email completed Excel worksheets to AAFES
  • Date - Notified Bidders must deliver Solicitation package
  • Date - Required samples must be received by AAFES
  • Date - AAFES to determine the most responsive suppliers
  • Date - AAFES will award the contract

 You may complete the registrations in advance to ensure you are prepared to bid on posted events.

To register with AAFES, press this link:

Source List Application link

To register with Sorcity, press Join Free on the left

We appreciate your participation.



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