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Q1:  1. AIRMOVER 20 DIAMETER CF TYPE AIR – We various capabilities to meet the needs of an “air mover”. Can you supply CFM and/or Voltage? A more specific description would help us give an accurate bid. We have the same question for the 24 DIAMETER & 3 DIAMETER.

2. COMPRESSOR ATTACH DRYER W/AFCOOL 1600CFM – Is this for a 1600CFM compressor and an additional Dryer (two separate pieces of equipment), OR only a Dryer? Aftercooling on the compressor only? Or aftercooling on the Dryer as well?

3. Does Arkema ever run equipment for more than 8 hours a day, where a Shift Rate multiplier would need to be applied to the normal rate? This would apply mainly to generators, air compressors, light towers, and cooling/heating equipment.
A:1. Airmover/20” Diameter CF Type is a Texas TX-JF20, HEATCAN AM-50, TXPNEUMA TXTF20, COPPUS CP20. We do not have exact specs available on the 24 Diameter and 3 Diameter, but expect that the 24 Diameter is also a Texas Pneumatic tool item, part # TX-JF24. 3 Diameter is a Texas Model TX-3AM.

2. Arkema was billed for a Hankison Model RDH1550G, which is Heatless Type Regenerative Dryer with Mounted Prefilters and Afterfilter. The RDH1550G does not come with the aftercooler, as that is indicated by the suffix “GAC” for Hankison model numbers. However, the description on the invoice does state it is a compressor with attached dryer with aftercool. We suspect this was compressor with a separate dryer that has an aftercooler. We would recommend quoting both the RDH1550G and the RDH1150GAC, or equivalent (if Hankison/SPX is not available).

3. We spot checked various invoices and do not see any examples of Arkema running equipment more than 8 hours/day. However, this was not a comprehensive audit of every rental over the last 3 years so the answer is generally no, but there may be individual exceptions. The current contract does set forth overtime pricing in the exhibit so we would want to see overtime pricing listed in any resultant contract so it is agreed upon up-front.

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